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Spıntech IV - TRICOLOR

Laboratory type synthetic spinning unit

Gülnar machine spintech line is designed for minimum capacity fiber testing in laboratory conditions.


- The dimensions were designed to fit almost all standard laboratories.

- 400 grams of product with the minimum effort in a short time to provide products.

- Gülnar Makina Spintech line can be designed according to the wishes of the user and can be modified afterwards.

- Gülnar Makina Spintech line is a compact system designed to test new applications, new processes and new mixtures.

Spintech device;

- Masterbatch manufacturers; use quality, color control and blends to try.

- Granule manufacturers; they use test and testing for new fibers.

- Yarn manufacturers; use for development, control, color and yarn designs.

- Spinoil manufacturers; use in quality and R&D stages.

Gülnar Makina Spintech line is a machine with high quality standards. All data can be viewed and monitored thanks to the 12 inc touch panel, where all parameters are monitored and controlled.


If necessary, the system operating parameters can be transferred to an external disk.