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Gravimetric Feeder

The operating principle of GM-MIX  Gravimetric Feeder with single screw is as follow; all of the feed system is standing one of the weighing platform. When the screw system works, each unit can also be weighed and decreasing the amount of material is calculated. This material amount is compared with the goal value and given the command to the engine for the calculated suitable speed. Simultaneous control and correction process with the target value is kept in a sensitive tolerance band.


GM-MIX  Gravimetric Feeder System has more important feature then the classic volumetric feed system. This feeder much more sensitive. This system provides saving of raw material to the system enrty and ensures the homogeneity of the facility to more efficient operation of the system output. Volumetric system works with %10 sensitivity but the gravimetric dosing system works by 0,2% accuracy. So it provides to save the company rate of 9,8% for each hour. It has a special software. In a special thanks to the software, the system output checks the deviations of the target value and over time realize the changes of the characteristic of flow. By this way linearity can be ensured next of the accuracy. Furthermore, during and after Refill, the system continued in a control manner to contribute to the flow linearity.

The other advantages of gravimetric system are;

- It provides closed-loop control system with simultaneous weight matering and feed in the amount of supervision.

- Wide range limit automatically adapts differences in density of the material that may accur over time.

- Material and output amount can be controlled directly.

- It has high linearity.

Applications Areas

Loss in weight of the principle of gravimetric feeder has a wide area which sectors dosing applications commonly used. This sectors;

- Plastic Industry

- Food Industry

- University R & D efforts in

- Mining and Chemical Industry

- Pharmaceutical Industry

Gravimetric single screw feeder uses the following materials dosing continuous applications;

- Granuler Materials

- Powder Materials

- Lumpy Materials

- Fibrous Materials

- Exfoliate Materials

The Projection

Thanks to its flexible design, offers suitable solutions for the different material and different capacity. Custom solutions could be found for the applications of granular, fiber or powder materials. It seems elegant with projection of single engine. Gear system running a horizontal mixer provides a linear flow to the fluency of a low coefficient of powder materials and it reduces the feeder error rate to the minimum. It provides to calculate the resolution of sensitive weighing and accurancy and linearity of supply system in a sensitive level like 0,2% rate. The control system has a friendly interface to be helpful for operators and it shows everything on the touchmatic screen.