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25 mm twin screw

            25 mm twinscreew extruder with barrels 42 L/D,.Each barrel(Block) consists of seven high temperature resistant parts.Thanks to independent heater in each block that gives more ability on temperature control of blocks to have more homogenous and more dispersion final mixture.

            25 mm twin screw extruders are compact machines which an extruder, water cooling and a granulator placed on a table. 25 mm extruder is providing samples by using less raw meterials and is able to produce pilot productions. To have a better mixture and a better dispersion zone heaters can be controled at different temperatures at the same time and the screew configration can be changed easily. All Plc controls and cooling unit are placed under the table.

             With very friendly user control software and 10'' touch screen the control of rotational speed of feeder and screw, the set value of heaters can be adjusted very easily. In same time the Head pressure and the zone temperature values can be read from same screen. Also operator able to create unlimited new methods for different polymers, call and load them in control panel as needed.