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18mm Twin Screw Extruder

            18 mm twin screew extruder with barrels 44 L/D,.Each barrel (Block) consists of eleven high temperature resistant parts.Thanks to independent heater in each block that gives more ability on temperature control of blocks to have more homogenous and more dispersion final mixture.

            18 mm twin screw extruders are compact machines which an extruder, water cooling and a granulator placed on a table. 18 mm extruder is providing samples by using less raw meterials and is able to produce pilot productions. To have a better mixture and a better dispersion zone heaters can be controled at different temperatures at the same time and the screew configration can be changed easily.

Electrical panelis mountedto the machine frame.  It Includes Necessary All Electrical Components as well as  control for driver and power elements for temperature control. Maximum torque exceeding is blocked through the adjustable current limit of driver. It includes a microprocessor like a user interface with 10” screen. Datas (potentiometer function ) allow extremely fast access for desired set points.

The following parameters are checked:

  • The temperature of 12 regions are controlled
  • Melt temperature and pressure melt indicator
  • Screw rpm and indicator of motor current consumption
  • Selectable operating mode : “ screw rate constant “ or “ screw speed with pressure safety”
  • Standart features of control : safety shutdown indicator and adjustable tolerance and limitand alarm indicator of actual temperature values (mass pressure,cylinder temperature)
  • Emergency stop ,Start,Stop
  • % Torque indicator,
  • Feeding control
  • Prescription and storing
  • Temperature graph and torque graph
  • SD card or recording to flash drive
  • Printing byprinter
  • Remote access